A pass found on British Major John André at the time of his capture by the Americans, during the American Revolution. The pass is for Mr. John Anderson (André’s alias) to pass to White Plains “or below if he chuses He being on Public Business by my Direction”. The pass is signed by American Major General Benedict Arnold, who Major André was working with. Arnold was attempting to help the British capture the fort at West Point. As André was heading towards the British lines with documents given to him by Arnold tucked in his boot, he was captured, near Tarrytown, on September 23, 1780. André was hanged as a spy, at Tappan on October 2, 1780. Benedict Arnold escaped to New York City, eventually commanding British troops in the American Revolution. He died in exile in London, on June 14, 1801.
New York State Archives. New York (State). Governor (1777-1795 : Clinton). Papers found on British spy Major Andre ("Andre Papers"), 1780. Series A4681-99, Anderson Pass Front.
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