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Matilda Joslyn Gage: Writing and “Righting” the History of Woman Suffrage

By Mary E. Corey

A woman suffrage historian gets lost in history—almost.


The Sweetheart of the A.E.F. 

By William F. Howard

Elsie Janis’s extraordinary career as an entertainer reached its peak at the Western Front during World War I.


In the Matter of Goody Garlick 

By George DeWan

In the seventeenth century, the new community of East Hampton turned against one of its own.  The charge was witchcraft.


The Case of the Independent Women 

By Melanie Rehak

In 1930, an intrepid blonde sleuth was the most popular heroine in America—because her female creators knew what young America wanted.


New York Patriot

By V.T. Dacquino

A sixteen-year-old girl rode through rural Putnam County to warn of a British invasion. Then the history books closed on her life--until now.


Anti-Suffragists as Politicians

By Susan Goodier

Women were by no means unanimous in their struggle for the vote. But a clever anti-suffrage leader saw the tide of history turning and acted accordingly.


Annie Oakley in Court

By Michelle Henry

After all her libel cases were settled, Oakey had spent more of her own money on attorney and court fees than she was awarded in damages.


The Original Superstar 

By Barbara and Michael Foster

She took the nineteenth century by storm. Two centuries later, we still see Adah Isaacs Menken in many different guises.


“A Natural Right to Knowledge” 

By Denise Roe

When Myrtilla Miner opened the nation’s first school for black girls in 1851, she also learned––from necessity––how to shoot a revolver.


A Relatively Ordinary, Rural Woman

By Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz

The women of the John Brown family—often taken for granted—were just as committed to the struggles against slavery.


Victory in 1917

By Antonia Petrash

An Albany native strategized to secure the vote for women in New York a century ago by canvassing the entire state.


Aunt Susan's Place

by Kate Culkin

The Bronx hosts Susan B. Anthony and many other great Americans in a faded outdoor shrine worthy of a visit, but it took many years
to get her there.

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