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Erie Canal Bicentennial Maps and Photos, 1817-2017

In celebration of the Erie Canal Bicentennial, The New York State Archives Partnership Trust is proud to partner with Gallery5one in offering high quality reprints of select maps and photos from the NYS Archives. Proposed in 1808 and completed in 1825, New York's canal system links the waters of Lake Erie in the west to the Hudson River in the east. An engineering marvel when it was built, some called it the Eighth Wonder of the World.


About David Vaughan
David Vaughan was a prolific Albany draftsman for the New York State Canal Commissioners Office (whose functions were later assumed by the NYS Canal Corporation). He executed large scale maps of the New York Canal System, many of which are housed in the New York State Archives. Vaughan regularly embellished his work with perspective drawings of the views he encountered along the Canal.

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