Library of Congress Search Terms by Topic

Most catalogs use specific/standardized terminology for describing the subject of a work. The most common listing of these standardized terms is the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). Although it is also possible to search for any descriptive term(s) using a general or keyword search, it is very useful to know the LCSH terms which most librarians or archivists would have used when creating the catalog records.

Overall topic

Education and state
Education law and legislation
Educational evaluation
Education – Aims and objectives
Educational change
Educational law and legislation

Education of economically disadvantaged students-Title I

Children of immigrants – Education
Discrimination in education
Economic development – Effect of education on
Education – Economic aspects
Education, Urban
Educational equalization

Standards, assessments, and accountability

Education – Evaluation
Education – Standards
Educational accountability
Educational indicators
Educational statistics
Educational tests and measurements
Performance contracts in education

Organization of states advocacy on federal education policy

Education and state – United States – States
State boards of education
State departments of education
Education and state – (enter state’s name)

Education of students with disabilities

Autistic children – Education
Blind – Education
Blind-deaf – Education
Deaf – Education
Developmentally disabled children – Education (Preschool)
Discrimination in education
Mentally handicapped children – Education
Special education

Education of students with primary language other than English

Children of immigrants – Education
Discrimination in education
Education, Bilingual
Language and education
Language and languages – Study and teaching – Bilingual method
Multicultural education

Desegregation of schools

Discrimination in education
School integration
Segregation in education
African Americans - Education

Equal educational opportunities for women and girls

Discrimination in education
Sex differences in education
Sexism in education
Women – Education
Women in education

Early childhood education

Early childhood education
Education, Elementary
Education, Preschool
Education, Primary
Federal aid to early childhood education

Workforce preparation

Labor supply - Effect of education on
Occupational training
State divisions of vocational education
Vocational education

Learning technologies

Education – Effect of technological innovations on
Educational technology
High technology and education

School financing

Education – Finance
Educational equalization
Federal aid to education
Government aid to education

Governance and organization

Charter schools – Law and legislation
Church schools – Law and legislation
State supervision of teaching

International dimensions of federal education policy

International education
War and education