Compelling Question: How does war impact a society? 

Farm Cadet Inquiry PDF

Standards and Practices: 

New York State Social Studies Framework: 8.4b, 11.6c

Social Studies Practices: 

Gathering, Interpreting, and Using Evidence

Comparison and Contextualization 

Staging the Question: 

Analyze "Boys on the Farms" propaganda poster by responding to the following questions: 

What is the poster asking American boys to do?

How might this activity aid the U.S. during World War I? 

Supporting Question 1: What did New York State hope to achieve by creating the Farm Cadets program during World War I?

Formative Performance Task: 

Analyze official New York State documents which establish the Farm Cadets program. 

Identify the goals of the New York State Farm Cadets Program. 

Featured Sources: 

Patriotic Emergency Farm Labor Enrollment Card, 1918

"What the Education Department has Undertaken," Farm Cadet Program, Agriculture and Training, World War I, ca. 1917

Governor Whitman's Proclamation about the New York State Boys Working Reserve, March 14, 1918

Supporting Question 2: How did participation in the Farm Cadets program impact the lives of New York's teenagers?

Formative Performance Task: 

Read and analyze essays from teens who participated in the Farm Cadets program. 

Determine how these teens were affected by their participation. 

Featured Sources: 

Charlotte Avery's Farm Cadet Essay, ca. 1918

William Sogg's Farm Cadet Essay, 1918

Peter C. Kelly's Farm Cadet Essay

George Baker's Farm Cadet Essay, December 10th, 1918

Supporting Question 3: Was the Farm Cadets program a significant part of the American War effort in World War I? 

Formative Performance Task: 

Synthesize evidence and judge whether or not the Farm Cadets program had a significant impact on the home front during World War I. 

Featured Sources: 

Farmer Friend, Ontario County Emergency Farm Labor Application, World War I, ca. 1917

New York State Food Supply Commission Poster, May 8, 1917

"Wake Up Men of Canandaigua!" Broadside, World War I, ca. 1917

"Keep Old Glory Waving" Palladium Times, Oswego, June 26, 1918

Notes from previous days' activities

Summative Performance Task:

Argument: Write an Evidence-Based Claim which responds to the compelling question. 

Extension: Consider how national implementation would impact a total war effort. 

Taking Informed Action: 

Identify work or volunteer opportunities that would help to alleviate the needs of the public in your community. 

Lesson created by: Jarrad Richter & Sheila Doherty