Compelling Question: How does war change people? 

Standards and Practices: 

New York State Social Studies Framework: 4.5c, 7.8c, 11.3c

Social Studies Practices:

Chronological Reasoning

Comparison and Contextualization  

Supporting Question 2: How do the letters written by the members of the help us understand their attitudes toward the Civil War? 

Formative Performance Task: 

Read and analyze the letter from Elijah Penny to his wife. Identify the tone and mood of the letter. 

Featured Sources: 

Elijah Penny Letter to Jane Penny. July 18, 1862


Supporting Question 3: How did the experience of war change the perspective of the members of the Penny family?

Formative Performance Task:

Read and analyze the first and last letters written by the Penny brothers. Explain how their attitude toward the war changed from the beginning to the end of their experiences. 

Featured Sources: 

Letter, Alfred Penny to Father, April 24, 1861

Letter, Alfred Penny to Mother, May 19, 1862

Letter, Archibald Penny to Father, May 19, 1861

Letter, Archibald Penny to Mother, July 2 and 4, 1863

Letter. Archibald Penny to Parents, April 28, 1864


Summaritive Performance Task

Argument: Describe the Civil War experience of the Penny Family and explain how the war changed each member of the family. 

Extension: Research a Civil War family from your own community. How did the war change them? 

Taking Informed Action

How do current conflicts in your community and the country impact members of your family and the community? What are some ways that you could help support members of your community that are impacted by current conflicts?