Black History Month

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speech to the New York State Civil War Centennial Commission

This lesson uses pages from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech which can be found here.

Compelling Question: 
Why did Martin Luther King, Jr. write and deliver this speech?

Supporting Question #1: 
What two documents does he say are two of the greatest contributions from the United States and what evidence does he use to support that statement? Page 1

Supporting Question #2: 
What does he say are the "four enduring results" of the Emancipation Proclamation?
Pages 6-7

Supporting Question #3:
What does he say is the only way to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation and why does he say it is the only way? Page 10

Write an essay identifying the purpose of this speech and explain how Martin Luther King, Jr. fulfilled that purpose. 

Taking Informed Action: 
Choose an issue in your community that impacts you or someone close to you. Write a speech describing the issue and ways you propose to resolve it.