Classroom Connection for Health

Health Professionals

Health professionals have answered the call to aid in local, state, national, and global crises throughout history. Whether it be world wars or global pandemics, they have always played a crucial role in the solution to life-threatening historical events. The New York State Archives holds images of health professionals answering that call and gives students an opportunity to evaluate the importance of health professionals in our society through the analysis of these documents. 

Women Winding Bandages

Essential Question: What role do health professionals play in historical events?

Ideas for Classroom Connections

Have students analyze the images on the Health Professionals page of the online exhibit using the Photograph Graphic Organizer.

After they have analzed the images, ask them to answer the essential question in a 4-6 sentence paragraph using evidence from the images to support their answers. 

Health Education

FYI Poster School Diseases

Essential Question: How does health education help a society?

Ideas for Classroom Connections

Have students analyze this poster using the Primary Source Graphic Organizer. 

After they have analyzed this document, ask students to answer the essential question using evidence from this poster. 

Have students research tuberculosis and answer the following questions.

1. What kind of disease was tuberculosis?

2. How did they treat tuberculosis?

3. Do people still get tuberculosis today, if so how is it treated?

Videos and Public Service Announcements

Essential Question: Why does the government issue Public Service Announcements? 

Have students view the video and answer the following questions?

Who is in this video?

How are the people in the video dressed?

When was the video created?

Why was this video created?

What is the overall message of the video?

Do you think this video was effective in reaching its goal?