For each section of the document, answer the question(s) that follow.

Article XIII of the Union of Utrecht, January 1579

When was this document written?

As for the matter of religion, the States of Holland and Zeeland shall act according to their own pleasure, and the other Provinces of this Union shall follow the rules set down in the religious peace drafted by Archduke Matthias, governor and captain-general of these countries, with the advice of the Council of State and the States General,

What matter does this article discuss?

Who has the right to make the rules about religion?

or shall establish such general or special regulations in this matter as they shall find good and most fitting for the repose and welfare of the provinces, cities, and individual Members thereof, and the preservation of the property and rights of each individual, whether churchman or layman, and no other Province shall be permitted to interfere or make difficulties,

To whom does this document apply?

provided that each person shall remain free in his religion and that no one shall be investigated or persecuted because of his religion, as is provided in the Pacification of Ghent...

What two restrictions are placed on the individuals who make the rules about religion?