Through a planned gift received from Archives Partnership Trust board member Barbara Brinkley, the Trust has announced the creation of the Barbara Andrews Brinkley Legacy Society. The group was established for individuals who, like Ms. Brinkley, are committed to supporting the work of the New York State Archives and the Archives Partnership Trust through inclusion of the Trust in their estate plan.

In a letter to prospective members of the society, Ms. Brinkley explained the reason for her passion for history and her belief in the importance of supporting New York State’s documentary heritage in perpetuity. She wrote, “Throughout his life, my father dedicated himself to perpetuating the legacy of our ancestor, the first governor of New York, George Clinton. After my dad’s death, I assumed that responsibility, not knowing how deeply I would be affected by stories of Governor Clinton’s extraordinary career as both soldier and statesman, as well as by other similar tales of New Yorkers who, through their actions, helped build a state and a nation. As part of this work, I became a member of the board of the Archives Partnership Trust, an organization devoted to preserving and promoting nearly 400 years of the Empire State’s documentary heritage and the words and ideas of great New Yorkers in the collections at the New York State Archives .

“By establishing the Barbara Andrews Brinkley Legacy Society with my personal pledge to the Archives Partnership Trust in my estate plan, I feel privileged to help shape tomorrow by ensuring that the more than 200 million records in the New York State Archives, which date back to 1630 and attest to New York’s national importance, are protected and made available for use by students, researchers, and other lovers of history, today and for generations to come.”

Members of the Barbara Andrews Brinkley Legacy Society include anyone who lists the Archives Partnership Trust as a beneficiary of will or bequest, life insurance policy, retirement plan, or charitable remainder trust, or who designates the Trust as recipient of a gift of securities. Society members will have their names listed in perpetuity in Trust publications, and will receive invitations to special events and receptions that highlight the work of the Archives and Trust.

“We are very grateful for the extraordinary commitment made by Barbara through her gift and establishment of the Barbara Andrews Brinkley Legacy Society,” said State Archivist and Trust CEO Christine Ward. “Through her virtually unrivalled commitment to the preservation of New York’s history, Barbara has ensured that our work to preserve and promote awareness and access, and to expand our educational initiatives, will only grow over time.”

For more information on how you can join the Barbara Andrews Brinkley Legacy Society, or to inform the Trust of an established gift, contact the Trust at (518) 473-7091.

Types of Bequests

When planning your will or a codicil to your will, you may want to consider having the language reviewed by your attorney. The Executive Officer and the Director of the Archives Partnership Trust would be pleased to consult in confidence with you and your legal advisor about the phrasing of any specific bequest you may be considering.

Bequests may be large or small and may take many forms. For example, you may arrange for the Archives Partnership Trust to receive:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • Specified assets such as securities, real estate, or tangible personal property 
  • A residuary bequest, in which the Partnership Trust receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations are met
  • A contingent bequest, in which the Partnership Trust becomes the beneficiary only if the named beneficiary is unable to accept the bequest

Please remember that a planned gift does not reduce your current income, but is usually deductible for estate tax purposes.

Useful Language for Making a Bequest

The most useful bequest is an unrestricted one for the general purposes of the Partnership Trust. This will allow the Partnership Trust to use the funds where the need is the greatest at the time. 

Suggested language for making an unrestricted bequest:

"I hereby give to the New York State Archives Partnership Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in the Cultural Education Center, Suite 9C49, Albany, New York, 12230 for its general purposes (... dollars) (... percent)(all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate)."

Suggested language for a specific purpose:

"I give (the sum of ...dollars) (all or ... percent of the residuary of my estate) to the New York State Archives Partnership Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in the Cultural Education Center, Suite 9C49, Albany, New York, 12230, for the following purpose: (state the purpose)."

By including the Archives Partnership Trust in your will, you will ensure that New York's past is preserved for our future generations. We invite you to join the Barbara Andrews Brinkley Legacy Society by submitting a Confidential Statement of Intent.

For more information, please contact the Archives Partnership Trust at 518-473-7091.