Gifts of securities are another way to support the Archives Partnership Trust and often offer a donor significant advantages.

For example, donors may receive an income tax charitable deduction based on the market value of the security at the time of the gift. Donors may also want to consult with their financial consultant to confirm that with a gift of security they may avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the securities.


The value of your gift is based on the average of the high and low prices on the trading day that the stock is received by the Archives Partnership Trust multiplied by the number of shares received.

The Date of a Gift of Securities

The date of a gift of securities is the date the stock is received by the Partnership Trust, not the postmark date if sent by registered mail. 

How to Make a Gift with Stocks and Bonds

If your shares are held in a brokerage account:

If your shares are held in a brokerage account (street name), then an electronic transfer can be made from your account directly to the Archives Partnership Trust account. The Partnership Trust can provide you delivery instructions so that you can direct your broker to transfer shares electronically through the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

Note, as electronic broker-to-broker transfers are overnight transactions, the stock gift must leave your brokerage firm one business day prior to the day by which you want the Trust to receive it.

For more information contact the Trust or contact the Trust's financial services firm, Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC at:

- Paul Murray: 518-426-6249
- John Suits:  518-426-6253
- main phone line: 518-426-8227
- fax: 518-426-3301

If you hold shares in certificate form: 

If you hold shares in certificate form, you will have to give your certificates to the Archives Partnership Trust. Certificates should be endorsed and accompanied by a letter of instruction authorizing the deposit of your shares to the Archives account. Shares can be hand-delivered or sent registered mail to the Partnership Trust office. 

For more information, please contact the Archives Partnership Trust at 518-473-7091.

For reference, our Tax ID # is 14-1776509.