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"Bambi, meet Rin Tin Tin.”

– Jill Rydberg

Source: New York State Archives, New York (State). Education Dept., Division of Visual Instruction, Instructional lantern slides, A3045, no. A10800

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"Prototype pasta machine denied permit by Board of Health”

– Christopher Frey

Source: New York State Archives. Education Dept. Division of Visual Instruction. Instructional Lantern Slide.

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“Are you sure the new guy has pushed before?”

– Dick Leroux

Source: New York State Archives, Conservation Dept., Photographic prints and negatives, 14297-87, Box 253, no. 57-L-644-C&T.

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“One sneeze and it’s all over!”

– Jerrod Hugenot

Source: New York State Archives, New York (State). Conservation Dept. Photographic prints and negatives, [ca. 1904-1949], 14297-87_2380.