Grades 4-5 Winners

The students from Palmyra-Macedon Intermediate, under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Karin Thomas, created a website detailing the influence of the Phelps family on the community of Palmyra. Through this project, the students learned about everyday life at the general store and how the different members of the Phelps family contributed to their community’s history.

Grades 6-8 Winners

Eva Goldfinger, from Ramaz Middle School, wrote a research paper about the role of the Va’ad ha-Hatzalah in the rescue of Jews during World War II. The paper details the actions taken by the organization to provide relief and relocation to exiled Jews. She brought together many types of primary sources to document the conflict and cooperation surrounding the actions taken by the Va-ad ha-Hatzalah during the Holocaust.

Grades 9-12 Winners

1st Place

Ashley Vincenzo researched how the coup staged by the United States and Great Britain to remove the Iranian Premier in 1953 led to poor relations between the U.S. and Iran. The website was easy to navigate and included several features that engaged the reader. Ashley made great use of a variety of primary sources and placed the events in the broader context of the Cold War.

2nd Place

Aarya Ayarnial, Abhinav Goyal, Aditya, Lodha, Prameet Shuh researched the history of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Z.O.B. (Jewish Fighting Organization) as an example of resistance against Hitler. The documentary was moving, dramatic, and based on a variety of primary sources.

3rd Place

Rahul Ajmera researched the protest by Jewish woman against a raise in kosher meat prices in 1902. The exhibit featured a variety of primary sources and focused on the embracing of American rights by an immigrant population.