2021 Student Research Awards

As you prepare an entry for the competition, use this summary as a checklist. 

•Did you use historical records in conducting your research?

•Have you completely filled out the entry form, submitted an annotated bibliography, and attached all necessary documents and images to the email? 

•Did you include citations if required?

•Does the final product answer a research question in-depth, using analysis and interpretation of the historical records?

•Does the entry fulfill all length and time requirements?

•Are exhibit entries packed in reusable cartons?

•Are documentaries and/or performances uploaded to YouTube and include a script?

•Have you tested all the links associated with the entry?

•Did you provide a URL on the entry form for your website, documentary, or performance entry?

•Did you provide URLs for all online sources listed in your annotated bibliography? Each online source must link to the specific record, not just the institution’s homepage.

•Did you meet the July 1, 2021 deadline?