Spring 2018 Educator Guide
Spring 2018 Article

Historical Memory
The featured articles in this issue focus on remembering two of the greatest social reformers and activists of the 19th century. Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass loom large in American historical memory.  From a Hall of Fame for Great Americans to busts of prominent individuals, these articles detail the honor bestowed on historical figures and how those honors influence the way we perceive the past.

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Document Analysis

Spring 2018 Document

Compelling Question: How do we remember the past?

Setting the Stage

Compelling Question: How is Susan B. Anthony remembered?https://ny.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/nyh17.socst.elem.suffrage/upstate-downstate-the-womens-movement/#.WsN2BS7waM8

Guided Reading Questions

1. When was Susan B. Anthony elected into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans (HFGA)?

2. What is the HFGA?

3. What are the qualifications to be honored in the HFGA?

4. What steps did women take to get Anthony elected into the HFGA?

5. How was Anthony honored in the HFGA?

6. How does Susan B. Anthony’s election to the Hall of Fame of Great Americans influence the way she is remembered?

This resource includes supporting questions to guide students in the reading of the article and analysis questions for understanding the primary sources. All educational materials are aligned to the New York State Social Studies Framework. The Learning Objectives are taken directly from the Social Studies Practices and the content fits within the Framework.

Document Analysis Questions

1. Describe the building in this photograph. 

2. What is the purpose of this building? 

3. How does the design reflect the purpose of the building? 

4. What happened to this building over the course of the 20th century? 

5. How does this building affect the way Americans remember the past?  

Image Courtesy of New York State Archives