What is it about history that you find exciting and engaging? Where did you first discover your love of history? Was it in a textbook? A historical document or artifact? Today, documents - Like the 250+ million safeguarded at the State Archives - are the preferred source for learning and so much more. By using original written documents, photographs, maps, and other historical records, educators can engage and foster children's critical thinking, demonstrate the value of research and highlight the importance of writing clearly and factually...and not just for history and social studies lessons! Historical documents are often used in language arts, math, science, as well as interdisciplinary study.

The Archives Partnership Trust is raising funds to expand its nationally recognized Consider the Source resource guide that aids teachers in incorporating historical documents from a variety of sources into learning activities for students of all abilities. Consider the Source Online: Teaching with Historical Records is a web-based project that provides teachers with a connection to historical content and resources at local, state, and national levels, access to training opportunities and content specialists, and a network of fellow teachers, cultural institutions, and resource offerings around the state. 

The project is an exciting development for teachers and educators. I’ve worked with the New York State Archives Partnership Trust for over a decade, and I’m continually amazed that no matter what historical topic I’m working with, the resources of the Archives and the talents of staff from the Trust have the historical documents that complement my work. As a regional coordinator for New York State History Day, having readily-available sources online will make primary source research easier and more accessible for students in my rural North Country Region.”
Richard M. Strum, Director of Academic Programs, Fort Ticonderoga

Available April 2021

Currently in final testing phase

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