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Stewards Circle

Patrons of the New York State Archives Partnership Trust Stewards Circle are philanthropists, scholars, educators and historians dedicated to keeping New York's history accessible and alive. The New York State Archives is a treasure trove housing over 200 million historical documents from our 350+ year old history. Much of this valuable asset is endangered and underutilized. Trust Stewards protect, invest and add a collective voice to raise support to mitigate the needs that are beyond the state's ability to address. Whether it's the development of educational programs for K-12, opportunities for pre- and post-graduate students, or the creation of public programs that bring history to the masses, Trust Stewards are the guardians to help ensure its success and longevity. The impact of New York's energy, imagination and diversity extends beyond our borders. The Archives Partnership Trust Stewards Circle safeguards the Trust's mission of preserving our history and making it accessible today and for future generations.