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Executive Committee


On an as-needed basis, by conference call.


To make decisions/approve resolutions if necessary in absence of a Board quorum.


Comprised of the Board Chair, Vice Chair(s), Treasurer, Program and Development Committee Chair, and one to four additional members chosen by the Board at its annual meeting with at least one drawn from each of four of the appointing authority classes (members appointed by the Governor, Senate Majority Leader, Assembly Speaker, and Board of Regents). (Per Bylaws IV, 1)

  1. Chair, Stephan Pagano (Governor)
  2. Vice Chair, George R. Hearst III (Board of Regents)
  3. Treasurer, Barbara Brinkley (Board of Regents)
  4. Program and Development Committee Chair, Gary Smith
  5. Christine Ward (Senate Majority)
  6. and additional Member, Nedda Allbray (Assembly Speaker)

Distributed to committee members only if acting pursuant to Board Resolution; otherwise to full Board.