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Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) Grants

Applying for 2015-2016 LGRMIF grants:

The deadline for the LGRMIF 2015-2016 grant applications has not yet been set. The State Archives will establish the due date for the LGRMIF grant applications when it receives final approval and authorization for the grant guidelines for the 2015-2016 grant cycle. At that time we will make a general announcement, post the application guidelines to the State Archives’ website, and open the eGrants system. Local governments will have a minimum of 15 business days (3 weeks) from the date of the announcement to submit proposals.

All applications must be submitted electronically. If you have difficulty completing an online application, contact the Grants Administration Unit at (518) 474-6926.

For Grant Recipients:

Fiscal forms needed by current grant recipients

  • All fiscal forms and instructions, including the FS-25/Request for Additional Funds, FS-10-A/Proposed Amendment, and the FS-10-F/Final Expenditure can be accessed through the eGrants system (; once in the Checklist page, scroll down to the heading “Post-Grant Award” Checklist to access links to the forms.

The final fiscal form (FS-10-F) and any required final report forms not submitted electronically through eGrants, as well as the proposed amendment (FS-10-A), must be mailed to the State Archives, Grants Unit; the FS-25 should be mailed directly to the Grants Finance Unit (address is on the form).

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